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The Cannabis Consumer Update was created for Licensed Producers, retailers  and other stakeholders in the Canadian cannabis market. It is a national, syndicated ongoing tracking of past 12 month Cannabis users’: category awareness, behavior and important attitudes.

In this way, participants in the Canadian cannabis market can access up-to-date, sophisticated consumer-based market research aided by the support of consultants with extensive experience marketing in regulated categories. This combination allows our clients  to make better decisions and win in the highly competitive cannabis marketplace.

Research Overview

The study is fielded twice per year with a minimum representative sample of 1000 cannabis user respondents nationally in English and French.

It is delivered via an online questionnaire on a proprietary platform.

The study uses a syndicated approach in which all clients have access to the same data and findings and all client information is confidential.

Proprietary questions are available.

Subscribing clients receive Subscribing clients receive
Subscribing clients receive
  • A full report of findings per wave
  • Customized presentation and discussion of insights addressing areas of primary interest
  • Ongoing access and input to counsel from senior consultants
Sample Detail Sample Detail
Sample Detail
  • N=1000
  • National sample
  • 19-54, balanced male/female
  • Minimum of past 12 month usage of cannabis
  • Minimum quota of “prescription” holders

Add a clear consumer voice to important business decisions

The Value

  • Identify segments for faster growth
  • Optimize the depth and breadth of a brand portfolio
  • Clarify needs and wants of cannabis consumers to develop more relevant brands and improve the effectiveness of marketing communication
  • Enhance product development and reduce risk around new products by having clear targets in mind and strain awareness/usage trends
  • Better allocate sales and marketing resources across existing and emerging distribution channels
  • Target key competitors for better marketing strategies and to grow share
  • Help evaluate acquisition promotion e.g. awareness-driving communication, trial-oriented offers
  • Add critical forward-looking consumer-level data to M&A activity

What We Ask

Specific areas of insight are as follows
  • Understand who is purchasing how much cannabis – demographics  x geography
  • …in what form (leaf, edibles, oil etc.).
  • Extrapolate estimates of segment sizes
  • Capture where they are purchasing (channel/medical)
  • Measure awareness and usage of brands and strains… and image perceptions of key brands leading to purchase drivers
  • Capture medicinal vs. recreational use among all users
  • Reveal major occasions and usage habits and their fit with purchasing
  • Better understand important attitudes on major issues
    • Health, Pricing, Distribution, Regulation etc.
Among “prescription” holders
  • Identify channel of supply (mail, retail) and licensed producer (s)
  • Current brand and strain
  • Explore referral to current LP (physician, friend, search etc.)
  • Help evaluate acquisition promotion e.g. awareness-driving communication, trial-oriented offers
  • Add critical forward-looking consumer-level data to M&A activity

Who We Are

Marc Solby

Strategy Lead & Business Development

marcMarc is the founder (2001) and Managing Director of Lighthouse Consulting and the Cannabis Consumer Update.  In addition to advising Licensed Producer applicants, he has extensive multinational experience consulting in the beverage alcohol category having worked with: A-B InBev, Constellation Brands, Bacardi, Absolute, Jose Cuervo, Beam, Sleeman Breweries and Canada’s leading bar/restaurant company Cara Operations.

Lighthouse Consulting has specialized expertise in advising Marketing function leaders and Senior Managers on issues around branding, strategy and implementing investment for growth. The firm has worked with many of the world’s leading brands including: Toyota, Volvo, Pfizer (Viagra), New Balance, Xerox, Yellow Pages and others.

Prior to launching Lighthouse Consulting in 2001, Marc was a Director of Marketing at Labatt Breweries as well Director of Planning, Strategy and Information. His initial role at Labatt was Marketing Manager for Labatt Blue, at the time, Canada’s largest beer brand. During his stint on Blue, he successfully relaunched the brand behind the highly acclaimed and successful “Out of the Blue” campaign.

Since 2013, Marc has been an instructor in Marketing at the University of Toronto’s school of business and professional studies, Continuing Studies where he has led the curriculum development and instruction of several Marketing courses. He is a Certified Management Consultant (Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Ontario) CMC.



Dan Herlihy

Dan Herlihy –  Research Lead

danDan has spent his career working in market research and the application of consumer information in the marketing process. Throughout his career he has held leadership positions in market research at Proctor & Gamble, Interbrew, Labatt, Esso, and the Canadian Gallup Poll.

Recently, Dan created and developed the widely subscribed, syndicated Alcohol Consumption Tracker (ACT) in partnership with Ipsos Reid.

At Labatt, Dan was responsible for market research in North America as well as its joint ventures in Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. He developed and implemented training and best practices for Interbrew Market Research across 15 countries and 60+ researchers.

He is the founder and principal of the Research Optimization Group.

Dan holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics) and a Master of Science (Statistics) from the University of Guelph.

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